Cardiothoracic Surgery

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New ACGME-approved, Thoracic Surgery Residency position "tracked" towards General Thoracic Surgery

The Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine|NewYork-Presbyterian is pleased to announce a new, ACGME-approved, Thoracic Surgery Residency position "tracked" towards General Thoracic Surgery. This two-year residency program will be effective for start date of July 1, 2013. The program covers all aspects of general thoracic surgery, both benign and malignant, with an emphasis on minimally invasive procedures such a VATS lobectomy/...

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Weill Cornell Physicians Ring NYSE Closing Bell

Physicians and researchers from Weill Cornell Medical and nearby institutions marked the end of the trading day at the New York Stock Exchange Dec. 19 in a show of solidarity in the fight against stomach and esophageal cancer, deadly diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract in dire need of medical progress.

Researchers Reveal How Cancer Cells Change Once They Spread to Distant Organs

Oncologists have known that in order for cancer cells to spread, they must transform themselves so they can detach from a tumor and spread to a distant organ. Now, scientists at Weill Cornell Medicine have revealed critical steps in what happens next — how these cells reverse the process, morphing back into classical cancer that can now grow into a new tumor.